Depression Mistaken

Jsoul Morgan

July 23, 2018

Depression Mistaken

I remember when I use to brag about depression as in describing who I am.  This was my resort of “explanation” each time I felt bad or when shit was out of my control or reach.

I used to use depression as an excuse for why I felt sorry for myself.  I used it to prove that I didn’t have any self-esteem nor self-confidence.

It was an excuse to not move.  I didn’t want to go anywhere. I didn’t want to get out and enjoy life with friends. I didn’t want to make any goals for my future. I didn’t want anything negative in my life but I also didn’t want anything positive as well.

I got real familiar with the walls in my home. I’ve distanced myself from family & friends and as soon as this happened I lost all communication overall.  I forgot how to laugh.  Communicating with others was short & uninteresting.

I became unaware of my surroundings, worse of all, I became unaware of myself. I stopped learning.  I had no reason to.  I stopped myself from growing.

Self-hate is misery.


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