Brooks Ravenna Review – The Most Comfortable Athletic Shoe

This article details the best running shoe a runner should consider before going on a run. These shoes are great for everyday use and provide protection during long-term use. If you are a runner or is athletic you will want to read this article. Find out what is best for your feet and how to find the proper shoe for your longest runs.

What Is The Brooks Men’s Ravenna 7?

Brooks Ravenna 7 is an all-around comfort shoe for long distance runners who are completing either a half-marathon or marathon. The shoe offers minimal support but at high mileage. They are comfortable enough to wear as a utility shoe or for everyday use.

Brooks Ravenna 7 has noticeable updates to provide extra support and comfort. It has been reported that these updates have managed to provide runners the ability to use in the gym or to use for a 10K mile run. Runners are able to stand for long periods and remain comfortable the whole time.

Comfort comes from improved flexibility, cushion, and support. These shoes are great for running either a long distance or shorter run.

They are sleeker and breathable than the previous editions and provide a customized fit when using the adjustable saddle. The saddle wraps around the middle of the foot to provide a proper fitting.

Product Specs

We will discuss the key features for Brooks Ravenna 7. The updates have improved runners comfortability and performance. These shoes provide a stable and quick experience as runners are able to keep their speed during long runs.

Features include cushion options that provide great support such as, a Segmented crash pad, Propulsion Pods, and BioMoGo DNA Midsole customized cushioning.

Cushioning is adaptable and responsive to a runners energy. The Diagonal Roll Bar guides the body into a natural position. Flexibility is provided through the Omega Flex grooves. The midfoot area is targeted with adjustable saddles which secures the area.


When comparing Brooks Ravenna 7 to other models with similar features we found that the Ravenna 7’s are lowest in price.

Runners have reported having to spend a higher amount on other shoes that provide the same features. Runners are able to take advantage of having the chance to own an advanced shoe that is technologically advanced and a long-distance running shoe.

How It Compares

We have taken a look at similar models and have made comparisons. We have the Brooks Ravenna 9, Brooks Beast ‘18, and Brooks Bedlam.

One of the importance for long-distance runners is stability and comfort that is long-lasting. This is given for each model. They are great for wearing during longer events. The midsole is responsive to the runner’s tempo and energy for each shoe, this helps runners run faster and longer.

The importance of each shoe is cushioning. Each shoe has a very soft cushion that controls a runner’s energy and supplies fuel for the run. A diagonal rollbar guides the body to its natural motion with added support.

The newer fit accommodates any foot and delivers a smooth heel-to-toe transition. Each shoe is lightweight and is breathable.

Brooks Men’s Ravenna 7

Price $90-$135

Ease of Use

Brooks Ravenna is a shoe that provides support for runners who run long distance. It can be used in the gym or can be taken on long runs. It is lightweight and provides flexibility for each runner.

Upgrades have improved runners overall experience. This shoe is considered to be one of the greatest running shoe as it provides security for runners in most conditions.

Although the Ravenna 7’s are not made to run on rocky mountains, these shoes can greatly stand long distance marathons in rainy conditions.


More cushion has been added to the new model along with an adjustable saddle. This is to give runners the ability to find comfort.

Every step is comforted from heel-to-toe. Layers were included to improve the previous iteration. It includes Segmented Crash Pads that protects runners from skin irritations.

Brooks Ravenna 7 running shoes are so comfortable that they can be worn during the longer runs and each step is comforted the whole time.

Design Quality  

Brooks Ravenna is known for having a professional look while keeping an image of a racing shoe. There are a variety of colors available.  

Runners can choose from neutral to bold colors.

Shoelace comes in different colors as well. There are over 6 colors to choose from. Each lace color will match the secondary color of the shoe.

The inner fabric has color-coded lines. The overall look of the shoe gives a high-performance feel and look that is sleek and made with a visual purpose in mind.


The Diagonal Roll Bar corrects overpronation. This feature provides additional stability by locking the foot down in the shoe.

The midsole drop is designed for runners with flat to medium shape arch.

The newer version has stronger support from the moment the heel touches the ground. Energy is maximized and sent to the toe region.

Runners are given an overall holistic feel when running in this shoe. The overall stability support of Brook Ravenna 7 is designed for neutral runners.


  • Provides lightweight materials and construction
  • Segmented Crash Pad for a smooth transition
  • Omega flex for great flexibility
  • Adjustable saddle for providing a customized fit


  • A little narrow on the toe box
  • Not suitable for rocky terrains
  • Less stability (for neutral runners)

Brooks Men’s Ravenna 9

Like the Ravenna 7’s, Brooks Ravenna 9 can be worn every day as an all-purpose shoe. This shoe has a more lightweight design and provides greater flexibility and better support.

The remodeled midsole offers a more responsive yield that returns energy with each step helping the runner to run faster and longer.

The Diagonal Roll Bar is great for supporting those runners who have a flat arch. The look is also satisfying as runners believe it to be more in style.

Another good benefit is that the shoe is affordable.

There are new and great features such as:

  • the upper part of the shoe is made out of lightweight and breathable materials.
  • moderate flexibility is offered to allow runners to move freely and naturally.
  • the DNA and BioMoGo midsole works with the rubber of the outsole of the shoe providing runners with a super comfortable springy feel under the foot.
  • the midsole is a mixture of DNA, gel-like midsole. This provides BioMoGo cushioning that gives runners great comfort and a high energy return.

Brooks Ravenna 9 athletic shoes were made for running on flatter surfaces. These are perfect for indoor or outdoor tracks.

You don’t have to worry about slipping or sliding, those grippy rubber segments cover the forefront of the shoe providing protection against falls.

More features include great stability, midsole technologies offering high energy return for each step, and a heel-to-toe drop of 10.8mm.

Price $70-$140                                          

Ease of Use

They are very light in weight and delivers a super comfortableness feel. This shoe is designed to help fast and energized runners run at an even faster rate as high energy is returned.

These shoes are definitely a preferred choice.  They’re great for treadmill runs, marathons, and they provide stability while running on flat surfaces.


Ravenna 9 provides the most comfortable feeling. The base of the shoe bases its comfortable level on the runner. A fast pace runner will feel more cushion and will receive higher energy in return. A heavier but slower runner will feel stiffness and under the feet will feel more firm. It is impossible for the foot to become uncomfortable while running.

Design Quality  

There are several options in color to choose from and there are over 6 style options.

Each style is “performance oriented”, designed with less material to create breathability and to give a softer feel. The newer styles are customers preferred choice. 


Ravenna 9 provides great support for runners who tend to roll their feet inwards or even outwardly.

These shoes are in control when it comes to stability.  The significance of the Diagonal Roll Bar is, runners are easily able to avoid or minimize injury and discomfort.


  • Supports all shapes of foot and arches
  • Super lightweight
  • Supports overpronators and supinators
  • No need to break in
  • High in energy return
  • Great stability


  • Runs narrow
  • Tight toe-box

Brooks Mens Beast ’18

Brooks Beast 18 is the usual greatness of comfort. This shoe has the advantage of providing an updated toe box to give runners extra space.

Many customers are highly appreciative for extra space. This shoe also provides an engineered air mesh upper for advanced breathability.

It provides 25% more cushion than the standard model.

The Diagonal Roll Bar has been extended for added support for a runner’s natural motion path.

To reinforce stability, the Beast 18 shoe added engineered air mesh upper for more toe space, a structured sattle, and an external heel counter.

The overall improvement of this shoe greatly gives runners a smooth transition during their run adding extra support, comfort, and space.

Price     $125-$260

Ease of Use              

Brooks Beast 18 is one of the best models that provide the most comfort. They are most liked by its features – extra space, cushion, and added support from the Diagonal Roll Bar.

This shoe has total control over a runners comfort level and does a great job transitioning on all levels.


The super DNA midsole has 25% more adaptable cushioning than the standard model.

Extra toe space is provided as well to make up for the standard version. Customers are happier with this version of the brand.

Design Quality

This version was designed for maximum motion control. There are no-sew overlays and an engineered mesh upper. It comes in a variety of widths for a more personalized feel.

There are not many colors to choose from with this shoe. The common colors would be either black/grey/silver or grey/navy/white.


Everything is extra with the Brooks Beast 18 shoe. The external heel of the shoe has been improved to provide extra stability. The outside of the shoe is made of HPR green and rubber to increase the durability of the shoe.

Also, the Omega Flex Grooves enhances flexibility allowing runners to move their feet more naturally.


  • No-sew overlays
  • 25% percent more cushioning
  • Improved engineered mesh upper
  • Extended Diagonal Roll Bar
  • More toe space
  • Provides extra stability than the standard version
  • Great arch support
  • Excellent grip


  • Heavy in size
  • Some sizing issues
  • Rigid feeling under the foot
  • Color choice is poor

Brooks Mens Bedlam

You’ll receive the best of both worlds with this shoe. Brooks Bedlam offers energizing DNA AMP cushioning. Guide Rails technology have been included to offer holistic support.

The cushion is more advanced providing a bouncier and springlier feel during long runs. The holistic traditional support guides runners feet into alignment.

It reduces the rotation in the heel and shin while keeping access knee motion in check. It has a secure Fit Knit upper as it comfortably aids a runner’s foot as it moves and expands.

This shoe is perfect for longer runs as it maximizes in-shoe comfort. It works great at adapting to a runner’s natural motion and fits securely.

Price $150-$240

Ease of Use

Great for runners who need to run wild!

It is ideal as a performance trainer built with power-packed energy return and extra stability. What energy a runner puts in this shoe is greatly returned.

Runners are able to guide their feet into alignment with the Guide Rails.

The rails provide extreme support and reduce heel and shin as well as knee motion. This gives runners the ability to run miles after miles while remaining comfortable.


Providing extreme comfort as a hammock saddle secures the runner’s foot.

Comfortability is made with a knit upper that hugs and contours the foot.

The energizing cushion controls, captures, and returns the runner’s energy to help fuel the run.

Design Quality  

There are 2 color options to choose from. The look is very bold. It is designed with an advance midsole and is combined with Guide Rails for extra stability. The sole has an arrow-pointed outsole for greater flexibility.


Advanced stability is created with a DNA AMP sole increasing runners energy.

The Guide Rails Holistic support system guides a runner’s feet into proper alignment.

This gives extra stability and support that results in less heel and shin rotation and knee motion while running. The sole of the shoe also aids in flexibility.


  • Extreme comfort
  • Provides Guide Rails for extra support
  • Responsive energy to the runner’s motion
  • Extra stability
  • Provides a bouncy sole & knit upper


  • More expensive
  • More heavy
  • Sizing issues


If you are looking for a runner’s shoe that has long-lasting comfort and is light in weight, you should check out the Brooks Ravenna shoe.

The shoe has a rating of 5 for providing the most comfort during long runs. You will appreciate the looks and feel of the midsole. There is much support coming from high energy return which helps you run faster and longer.

The built-in Diagonal Roll Bar supports all shapes and sizes of the foot. It’s great for anyone with an arch as well as for anywho who has a flat foot.

The good thing about the shoe is you can wear it as a casual shoe, to the gym, or on race day. The Brooks Ravenna shoe looks good on the feet and keeps the foot comfortable at all times.  

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