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Jsoul Envy

Soul Envy is protection. A deep soul connects on a deeper level. A deep soul values experience over materials. And, values one’s character over one’s materials.

One’s heart is worth more than money. And, believing one’s soul is a wonderful feeling.

Envy. Equality of all doesn’t exist, just a thought. “We create our own poison and then we drink it”, swallow it whole and become poison itself. Therefore, self-sabotaging is a must.

Envy clings to others, objects, and emotions. Afraid of change, is it? It’s a desire to protect wars and conflicts that battles internally. And then soon will encounter feelings outwardly, against anyone who notices.

Ignorance defines, to believe the world revolves around you and that everyone are enemies. The connection is missed, it is preferred to remain blind while hoping to be noticed. Or maybe it’s a delusion. A delusion that creates a cycle to feed on discrimination during each sign of success.

A beautiful soul that envies – affects all with positivity and confidence while hiding internal beauty. The world is cared for deeply. Love is felt through creativity when it hurts to embrace what is already created.

Connecting on another level, meaning, new places have been visited before. All details are analyzed – smiles, frowns, angry voice, happiness, etc. To notice the smallest details of love but then fail to notice…. ME.

Generosity, the cure. Love, the component. Internal happiness depends on internal beliefs while success is personal.


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