Sad vs Happy

When the mind is dangerous:

Go to bed late, wake up angry. Eat healthy today, eat nothing tomorrow.  Back and forth disturbances.  Blocked communication.  Lost relationships.  Blame the world, blame loved ones.  Worry.  Trust no one, unfaithful. Quiet, at war.  Strong presence, weak intentions.  Negative voice with empty convo. Afraid, sleep.  Out but hidden. Hopelessly able. Weak.  A sad soul.

The opposite:

Risk it. Want it, demand it. Accept as is, care for it. Block anger, block negatives. Speak from heart. Focus, meditate. Open with love. Honest, loyal. Stand up, show out. Speak facts, speak importance. Brave, Awake. Strong will, able. In/Out but noticed.  Eat every day.  Got to bed late, wake up happy.  A happy soul.

It is the mind to carry the meaning or reason.  It is the soul to bring performance.  It is the performance that attracts the deserved & given.

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