Fed with A Silver Rusted Spoon


They thought she had it all.  She had pretty long hair.  She was definitely attractive.  She wore up to date clothing.  Maybe her family is wealthy, they thought.  She smiled and laughed, they assumed she was happy.  She made good grades in school, they saw she was smart.  She showed a little talent by involving herself in certain school activities, so they believed she was favorable.  By looking on the outside they saw that she had the advantage to succeed at whatever she wished for.

Her mom was a single parent who constantly worked overtime and was never home.  She raised herself basically not having a clue. She wore the same outfits over and over and she maintained the clothes & shoes she wore so that they’ll last a few years.  She spent many evenings trying to decide what and how to eat with a small amount of food in the fridge.  She smiled and laughed at her own humorous ways to hide fear.  Making good grades was easy for students who were involved in school activities or for being favorable.  She hated her hair because she was different.  She kept quiet because everything she ever spoke or attempted the ones who matter most manipulated her decisions. Her outlook on the future was always confusing.

They for sure saw all of the unimportance. Wondering, how could it be? Not realizing, everyone’s struggle is similar but handled differently.  


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