Shout out to uplifting black men!

Shout out to uplifting black men!

Who doesn’t judge us out of character.  

Who actually praises and motivates.  

Who shares loving words and looks past the major criticisms.  

Who calls us queens and speaks with respect.  

Who knows that we are all alike but have something special individually.  

Who seeks our attributes and values it.  

Who grabs our hand and directs positively.  

Who shares nothing but positivity, smiles, and charms.

Who makes us feel secure.

Who takes out the time to learn us as well as to teach us.

Who aren’t afraid of telling the truth genuinely.  

Shout out to those men who don’t wake up to bash a black woman every

Fucking day!!!


Author: JSoul

I enjoy listening to Neo-Soul music, dancing, cooking, family time, and thunderstorms.

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