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You have the wrong idea.

Those people are not just taunting because of hate. That person doesn’t speak behind your back because they’re fake. Your friends aren’t supporting you because they don’t want to see you move up or succeed.  You’re not being criticized to be stopped. You’re not being put last because they don’t like you. They don’t cause arguments to fight. They’re complimenting you, but negatively.

Competing and comparing within friendships and relationships is toxic and tedious.

Jealousy and envy come from those of low self-esteem or from those who have not developed such attributes that is causing jealousy.  Jealousy leads up a competitive side within a person which focuses attention on what a person wishes to improve in themselves.  This brings the reason why most are unable to watch their friends lead to success. Not because of hate.

If you look at it as a compliment and if you use it as motivation, it could avoid altercations. But it mostly doesn’t work out this way. Most “haters” cause problems by competing and devaluing their relationship and will eventually lose it.

Hate is a strong intense of dislike for someone or thing. An intense dislike caused from a serious event entering fear and/or anger. When we talk about hate I think of terrorist attacks, wars, police brutality, etc that are happening all over the world today. These people, your friends/associates, don’t hate you. Deep down they love you and love the person that you are.  They have very high interests in your career or whatever good is going for you.  Their only issue is hating themselves. And for a friend to bring you down because of their own self-image can only transfer the hate in you, if you allow it to.

Now, watch for loved ones. Because envy and competing within love is harsh. Harsh enough to make you want to give up. When you think you can trust someone and involve them in your goals and plans for success but they don’t smile when you’re happy nor do they motivate you to keep going when they know you’re reaching. Turn you down once you come up with an idea or make you feel in a way you should put it on hold. Watch for the person who hangs around you during the most part of your days. They are watching your every move and remembering every plan you make.  Preparing to cause an outburst in the near future in hopes of breaking you. The worst is when you’re supporting a loved one.  And their business and needs stand before yours and you find yourself behind on all of your tasks, pushing back your goals further and further.

This doesn’t feel like love, so is it hate?

Your biggest hater is the one who actually spends unnecessary time with you all year round but rather sit behind/ away from you when it’s time for you to “try”.

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