Just for you, for being a special friend.

Just for you, for being a special friend.


The other day my daughter came home and told me that a little girl at her school brought her a bag filled with items of what seems to be the little girl’s belongings from her bedroom.  The bag was filled with charming items like nail polish, glitter gel, small hand games, cards, shells, etc.  Since the Holidays just passed I assumed it was a late Christmas gift, but it wasn’t.  My daughter says that this little girl has given her a special bag filled with gifts because she is a good friend to her.  She says, “She thinks I’m special to her”.

Is there a word or saying about friends who give their special belongings to their special friend for being kind and good-hearted?

I’m not sure why but this has touched me in a way in which I wanted to tear.  My daughter has been popular since her little Daycare ages and I see this for myself but never have given a thought that my daughter has a gift. A gift of loving and caring for others. She’s very kind-hearted and tender who never takes anyone for granted.  She’s so loving that she accepts others and cares deeply about their feelings.  If anyone is feeling bad in her presence, she feels bad as well and wants to help them.

Every day when I pick my daughter up from her after-school program, she receives at least 6 hugs from other children before leaving.  And I’m telling you, this has been going on since our Daycare days.  I’m kind of upset with myself for overlooking this.  But it makes me proud to know that my daughter knows how to fill anyone’s heart genuinely and can change bad moods just by sharing her heart.  We all can use a special friend during our most rough times.

And just the thought of how good my daughter makes this little girl feel to the point that she wanted to do something special back, like giving my daughter a gift.  A gift of her own belongings that she loves for herself.  Gifts that make her feel happy and loved.  She wanted to share these things with my daughter because my daughter helps her feel this way.  I just want to cry! This is a beautiful thing to me.

I don’t have any friends so I felt every part of this loving exchange.

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