How to tell if an introvert loves you.



What is an Introvert?

Introvert and shyness both have two different meanings. Introverts are energized by spending time alone.  These are your homebodies, library geeks, the lonely walks in the park or any other secluded place.  Not all introverts are shy.  There are many introverts who have awesome social lives and love being around their friends or close ones but may need some alone time to recharge afterward.

Introvert vs. Shyness

Many think negatively toward introverts and wrongfully assume that they dislike people.  They are misunderstood because of society’s way of bringing those thoughts and rumors into play.  Shy, on the other hand, is being reserved and showing nervousness in the company of other people.  You can tell when a person is nervous or frightened in fear.  As a young child whenever my mom took me out in public and while in crowds, I would stick my middle & wedding ring fingers in my mouth and hold it there until the event was over.  If anyone would try to speak to me I would immediately shut down and my mom would have to cover for me.  I would never take my fingers out of my mouth to speak to anyone. And the whole time I am hot, nervous, and don’t feel good at all.  Being shy doesn’t mean you hate others but is afraid of social acts of any kind.

The truth about introverts                

Introverts want to be invited but deep down doesn’t really want to go.   

Introverts love being lonely at home. They don’t want anyone in their space unless they really like them. And even if they do like them, they would want them to go home soon.

Introverts enjoy being alone for the most part of their day.

Introverts think best when alone.

Introverts lead best when others are self-starters.

Introverts are the last to raise their hand in group convos.

Introverts may wear headphones out in public.

Introverts don’t like talking on the phone much.

Introverts don’t initiate small talk with salespeople or anyone in casual contact.


When an introvert loves

Although, Introverts are hard to read.  If you pay attention well enough you could see the signs of when an introvert loves you.

They will actually make an effort to do social things like going out to big events.

They will let you in on their personal and quiet space. This is important because an introvert mostly spends time alone and their space is very personal.  If an introvert has invited you to their comfort zone then you are special to them.

They want you to hear their favorite songs. It is a way of expressing themselves. It’s like looking into their soul and learning who they are.  For me, it isn’t the words that I would want you to hear but the sounds of the piano, guitar, or any live instruments. The way the sounds and beat were well put together.  I would want you to know how good that song sounds to me and how good it makes me feel.

Revealing secrets.  If an introvert reveals any of their private life it means they want to open up to you and want to invite you on a hidden or personal level of their life. It is also a way to show that they trust you.

They want to make an effort to know your friends. But wait. Little by little as an introvert can feel overwhelming when meeting several people at once.  Introverts value trust in others. But if an introvert wants to be in your surrounding then it’s surely because of love.

They will make an effort to call you more often over the phone as this is one of their most stressful interactions.

Introverts are usually closed in but when they’re into you they will start a conversation to attract your attention. If they can come out of their shell for you then that means they’re deeply interested in you.


They show a great deal of compassion and care for those they feel close to. An introvert doesn’t like to see close ones upset or sad as they will make it their problem as well.

If you find an introvert that helps you without you having to ask then that means they like you a lot!

They will make plans with you on their own but it would be more private outings as a couple, no big groups.   

It’s really hard for introverts to express feelings.  One way that seems easy is by buying gifts or providing funds for a need.  Introverts don’t mind caring for people they love.   

Keeping the relationship

Pay attention to the signs.  Learning an introvert can get interesting. But it shouldn’t be frustrating. The best way to get to know an introvert is by having a clear and clean conversation allowing this person to open or (come out of their shell). Just allowing them to be themselves. It may help to give compliments on the things they value most every once in a while. Introverts are big on trust, honesty, and acceptance.  Without this, they would shut completely down.

Remember an introvert greatly need their alone time to help get through the days.  Always respect their comfort zone. If they need time to think and need personal space, please respect this. There’s no need to get angry if an introvert doesn’t want to be around you at the time.  It is best to allow an introvert to think things through before engaging in any serious conversations or arguments.



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