Don’t have much to say.

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Speechless. From not having self-confidence. You’re quiet because as a little baby your mom ignored and abandoned you. So, this leaves you confused and unable to find interest in normal topics that people engage in on a daily basis. You tried so many times to involve your mom in your interests as a child. All of your discoveries were missed. Everything that has ever made you feel good was ignored. This has given you confused feelings.  And has left you with a misunderstanding of who you really are.

Because your mother has never bothered to embrace your abilities. Yea, she may have enrolled you in sports with the belief that you’ll become a famous ballplayer. But, she doesn’t take action on any part to attend any of your football games. Again, she misses out on her child’s discovery.  And from missing out on discoveries, she’s unable to ensure that you are on the right path AND she is unable to encourage you to keep going.

So, you are left confused. Speechless from being unsure. Unsure because you’re still waiting for your mom’s understanding of who you really are as a person, that she has failed to learn while you were a baby. You are waiting for her consent.

Stop IT!


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