Who Are Your Parents?

Jsoul Morgan

Who Are Your Parents?

What does it mean for a man to avoid spending time with his mother?

What does it mean when a woman has arguments after being around her mother for a short period of time?

What does it mean for a man to leave his home once his mother arrives to visit?

What does it mean for a woman to have never left her mother’s nest?

What does it mean for a woman to need for her mother to handle her business inquiries or matters for her?

What does it mean to allow your mother to think for you as a grown man or woman?

What does it mean for a man to hate his father and speaks of him in disgust?

What does it mean for a grown man or woman to handle all of their mother’s bills and daily responsibilities that prevent them from moving out on their own to do this same shit for self?

What does it mean for a woman to constantly have arguments with her mother and never minding to show her any respect (cursing/negative talk)?

What does it mean for a woman to yearn a man she hardly knows, her father?

What does all this chaos mean to “you”?

It means, that YOU are a depressing person. Sad as shit. YOU have very very low self-esteem. YOU choose the wrong relationships. Either YOU allow others to step over YOU or you’re entitled to everything that you’re wrongfully believing YOU deserve.

You’re afraid to love. YOU walk around fabricating stories on your achievements. Or either YOU talk shit about your self to others. YOU don’t trust no one, not even your parents. May even distrust your self. Actually, YOU really hate your self.

Either you’re physically controlling in relationships or you’re a person that allows a mate to cheat and physically attack YOU, or just disrespect YOU period (not taking up for self).

YOU don’t know what or who YOU want to be in life. YOU look up to the wrong people and idolize friends who are on the same level as YOU or lower. And idolizing shiny, flashy, & materialistic friends as a father figure. Or YOU don’t look up to no one at all but mommy and even she’s not proud of her damn self.   

And the older YOU get, the more arguments arise between YOU and your parents.

I’ll stop there…..

It’s deep, but wouldn’t YOU like to know?

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