Why Did I Do That? Depression Not, But TOXICITY….Discovering “the” Toxic Human.

*Warning- This video contains many potty words.

This video is not to be disrespectful in any way. And it is not to insult or to break one’s character. But to share a restrained feeling that is finally released from being locked in for many years.

Feeling good doesn’t mean you’re jolly and jumping around all over the place.  My mouth is bad and it is a work in progress. But, I feel so much joy inside from my discovery and I am pushing through a battle currently.  I want to heal and be greater for my children. Always.

This discovery began in childhood leading to adulthood.  I  only wanted to be accepted and to be your friend. I wanted to make things okay.

Now I know how to spot unworthy humans who feel entitled to ME or entitled to the values of ME.

All this time I thought I was depressed but in reality, I was drowned in toxic emotions.

My favorite word is “Damn”.  It’s just an expression I use when I want my point to come across someone else’s mind.


Read The Missing Piece.



Author: JSoul

I enjoy listening to Neo-Soul music, dancing, cooking, family time, and thunderstorms.

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