Work Husband

You got to be effin’ kiddin’ me. Who the hell wants a work husband? Or, Why would you even need one? I felt highly offended the time a married guy asked me to be his Work Wife. I’m married as well (at the time). We both belong to someone.

So I asked, what the hell is that? And the guy says, “It means that we take care of each other here, at work.  If I’m ever hungry you feed me, and vice versa.  We are to look out for each other as husband and wife at our jobs because we’re here 8-hrs per day or more and we need a companion or spouse-like human to care for us and to pass time”.

Who has the time for this BS?  I wouldn’t dare have 100 responsibilities at home already between my three kids and husband and my damn self to then have this same kind of time at work.  Why in the hell would a woman take care of another grown ass man at her damn job, vice versa?

Some humans are Needy as ever! #frustrating



2 Comments on “Work Husband

  1. GET THE HECK OUTTA HEREEEE SERIOUSLY!?! And he was bold enough to ask you, a married woman. He should’ve been working and thinking about going home to his wife. His wife should be his one and ONLY wife. Whyyyy does he need another one. Somewhere some women are going for this too. UGH! annoying

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