Reasons Love Doesn’t Seem Real.

Most people don’t know what it means to love and have the wrong idea on how to express and present it.

Love isn’t about what you can do for another.

Love isn’t about paying a bill for a friend or relative.

Love isn’t buying gifts.

Love supports, not by attending a friend’s event, but by bringing out a friend’s inner & positive beliefs about themselves.

Meaning, to encourage your friend to believe in herself/himself.

Motivating her to take charge of her life and go forth to accomplish missions.

Love is a reason a person deeply feels good about themselves.

Sharing experiences without jealousy or competitions.

Love is honest and a  loving person is honest with themselves as well.

Love causes happiness and happiness freely opens you up to more love.




Author: JSoul

I enjoy listening to Neo-Soul music, dancing, cooking, family time, and thunderstorms.

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