You never paid attention.

You never paid attention

Just remember when you're ignoring her, you're teaching her to live without you.

You don’t know her challenges

They have let her down

She has no one to admire

No one finds interest in her desires


But she tries

She creates her own paths

While moving in weird directions

She finds interest

And she believed in herself to follow

Slowly succeeding

Everyone observes but are silent

As soon as she smiles they wonder

Soon attacking her character and values in contest

The lack of support and judgment weakens her

She gives up


Giving hostility an opportunity to haunt her future

And because popularity balances with the opposite

She reflects on misbelief

Mistake after Mistake

Unable to figure a reason

She knows exactly what she wants

But she has blocked all advantages

By becoming a follower

A follower who is now devalued

Just hoping for acceptance

While expecting to be left alone

But she fails each time she mimics

She realizes she doesn’t resemble them

She realizes she’s not a follower

She’s different 

Sometimes it feels homeless

But with you, she believed she could conquer

If only if you’d ever paid attention


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