Do you believe in me?

Do you believe in me?

I have a fantasy not holding any goal, belief, or value.  Why can’t this be as important as bringing fantasies to life?  I am a woman who accepted you. I have guided you and have helped you through struggles. I tried motivating you every time you felt like giving up.  I’ll take up for you if outsiders down you. I see nothing but good in you and I believe in you.

I’m thankful for your physical abilities.  Your love and honor as you stand up for me too if disrespected.  You put me first outside of many. But, what about me?  Who am I? What do I believe in? What do I value? What are my goals and desires? What do I love to do? Do you know my closest family member or friend? What soothes my soul? Where am I from? Where am I going? Do you believe in me?

It shouldn’t be such a fucking confusing state yet seems so fucking real.

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