I HAD a Weakness for Black B’s

It all started once we moved away from Whites and Hispanics into the Black side of town. Then, I would finally begin to get noticed.  At first, being “bony” described me and having big lips gave them the best humor. But then, that’s it.

Later, everyone turns sexual and accepts big lips as a rewarding feature.

Teased during the whole school years for having long – “decent” grade hair? Smh. So, I kept my hair up in buns so that I wouldn’t offend of those Bitches.

Guys claimed they took my virginity was a yearly rumor coming out of those fatherless punk Bitches.

And each year a two-faced drama starting Bird threatened to cut off my Effin’ hair.

And yet, I held my tongue at all times.  Never said a word to those Bitches.

I was called stuck-up for no reason.

They never realized me being speechless had nothing to do with me being conceited or stuck-up.

But from being a broken and very sad child.  Afraid to speak.

I seriously can’t stand black women, til’ this day you Bitches dare to speak to me to find out who I am or to just be a sister.

I’m tired of the competition.

And I’m tired of admiring you Bitches just to get rejected in return.




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