I HAD a Weakness

I HAD a Weakness

It all started once we moved away from Whites and Hispanics into the Black side of town. Then, I would finally begin to get noticed.  At first, being “bony” described me and having big lips gave them the best humor.

Later, everyone turns sexual and accepts big lips as a rewarding feature.

Teased throughout the school years for having long – “decent” grade hair? Smh. So, I kept my hair up in buns so that I wouldn’t offend of those Bitches.

Guys claiming they took my virginity was a yearly rumor coming out of those fatherless punk Bitches.

And each year a two-faced drama starting Bird threatened to cut off my Effin’ hair.

And yet, I held my tongue at all times.  Never said a word to those Bitches.

I was called stuck-up for no reason.

They never realized me being speechless had nothing to do with me being conceited or stuck-up.

But from being broken.  Afraid to speak.

I seriously can’t stand black women, til’ this day you Bitches wouldn’t dare to speak to me and find out who I am or to just be a sister.

I’m tired of the competition.

And I’m tired of admiring you Bitches just to get rejected in return.




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