Double Standards

It’s crazy. The things you accuse me of doing that I wish no part of doing, I am now doing.

It took for you to push me towards this character.  And we both know that it lies within me.

Stored away where it should have been kept.  To allow me to work on bettering me, for you.

You show me you don’t value me, my words, my feelings, my taste, style, look, or voice so I look into others for acceptance. 

It’s not about sex that would make me feel like a woman for you And it’s not about sex that should make me feel like I’m doing my part.

But, the fact that I spend the time to learn and figure out your true desires.  

To assist unconfuse you and to assist bring you to your own reality so that you can live out your dreams.

But the focus, the focus is directly on belittling me instead. 

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