Fuck a vibe, I want a connection.

Fuck a Vibe, I want a connection.

I want emotional support from him.

I want him when…..

It’s okay to be silent because the feeling is never awkward.

I don’t have to think twice before speaking because the convo flows naturally.

He makes it possible for me to be myself.

We don’t need a time and place for sex.

It’s okay to be weird because we both are.

It doesn’t take an effort to fit in because it just fits.

I can’t stay mad at him for long.

I’m inspired by him to be a better me.

He takes me out of my comfort zone so that I can explore the greatness of life.

He forces me to face the dark aspects of myself, connecting me with the most amazing parts of me.

He looks me in the eyes, seeing me for everything I’m destined to be.

I want to grow so close that no one is willing to try or attempt to destroy our perfect bond.


Fantasies come true.

Soul Connection

What does she want?


Author: JSoul

I enjoy listening to Neo-Soul music, dancing, cooking, family time, and thunderstorms.

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