7 Top-Rated Feminine Hygiene Wash Toxic Side Effects & Benefits

7 Top-Rated Feminine Hygiene Wash Toxic Side Effects & Benefits

What makes feminine hygiene products differ from one another?

There are several feminine hygiene brands claiming to provide protection and maintenance of a healthy pH balance. One of their tricks is to emphasize the listed ingredients that are good and beneficial but to leave out the other ingredients that are bad and contain harsh chemicals.

Companies use words like paraben-free, sulfate-free, dye-free, and chemical-free. The word “free” doesn’t necessarily mean safe and trustworthy. Sometimes those ingredients are removed but are replaced by even harsher ingredients or another ingredient that resembles it. More ingredients are mixed with extra harsh ingredients drawing an openness to continuously absorb these chemicals in the body which then eventually begins to attack.  

Educating yourself on ingredients that are in your feminine products will increase your chance of maintaining an overall healthy environment for your vagina during washing, maintenance care after sex, or after having your period.

The vagina is very sensitive.  Believe it or not, the vagina cleans itself. There is no need to douche. Your vagina also has a natural scent that should make it easy for you to tell when something is wrong. Normal discharge can be either clear, white, light yellow, sticky, and sometimes thick (creamy) or slippery.  

As you grow into an adult and go through puberty changes and menstrual cycles, you’ll learn your body and the different things it reacts to.  You will learn the sudden changes such as odors or feeling of dryness that isn’t normal to you. A statement found in the Vulvar and Vaginal Care Cleaning article listed on YoungWomen’sHealth.org states, “Not all vaginal odors are caused by an infection. Poor hygiene (not washing your vulva/vagina regularly with warm water and soap) can cause an unpleasant smell.” It is also important to know what ingredients are in your soaps to avoid any complications like yeast infections and dryness.

The problemed ingredients

Here’s a list of ingredients found in most feminine hygiene products.  There are many more involved which bring to the reason why it is important to read those ingredients before use.

Problemed ingredients will cause dry skin that leads to skin irritation and could even cause a yeast infection.  It takes away the body’s natural moisture and could cause an odor. There are ingredients that are known to cause cancer or other health issues by entering the blood flow & body and taking over the immune system.

Fragrance is a highly most used ingredient in cosmetics and beauty products. It is blended with several other ingredients which make it difficult to distinguish exactly what you could be allergic to. Fragrance is so toxic that it favors poison ivy and nickel.  In feminine washes, this ingredient causes dry skin, skin irritation, and other complications like yeast infections.

Sodium Laureth Sulfate is another chemical form ingredient absorbed by the body in small amounts. It is also known as ethoxylated lauryl acid. It could cause cancer with overtime use and it contains an ingredient that disturbs the nervous system.

Cocamidopropyl Betaine induces eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, and dermatitis on the skin. This ingredient is mixed with other chemicals that are too mixed with harsh chemicals giving a higher reason for being carcinogenic.

Cocamide MEA doesn’t appear to be so harmless because it contains coconut ingredients but even those good ingredients couldn’t cover up the number of chemicals that are already blended together.

Propylparaben is found in plants and insects. It causes endocrine disruption and is also an increased risk of breast cancer and allergic rash.

Methylparaben is another preservative like propylparaben.  This ingredient serves as a communicator for insects. It has higher toxic levels than other ingredients.  It is absorbed through the skin or through the gastrointestinal tract.

Methylchloroisothiazolinone is a preservative with antifungal and antibacterial effects. In high amounts, it causes irritation to the skin and membrane as well as causing chemical burns or allergic rashes.

Methylisothiazolinone is a powerful preservative used in industrial areas for sanitizing, paint & paper manufacturing, mining, etc. It causes skin irritations.

DMDM Hydantoin is an antibacterial preservative that releases toxins that are known to be a human carcinogen. It also causes allergic rashes.

Benzethonium Chloride destroys mucous membranes and is toxic. This ingredient kills microorganisms and prevents their growth.

Disodium EDTA causes cancer. It destroys the skin so that other chemicals can absorb through more easily.

Some brands also carry feminine cleansing wipes. Feminine wipes are known to be very toxic. Most of them contain fragrance and harmful ingredients that are carcinogens, allergens, and irritants.

Feminine wipes are toxic containing ingredients that put women’s health at risk. There are four leading ingredients that play in this role: Octoxynol-9 is a drug that kills sperm. 2-Bromo-2-Nitropropane-1 and 3-Diol and Iodopropynyl butylcarbamate (IPBC) releases human carcinogen and is a well-known skin allergen. Feminine wipes also contain fragrance to cause skin irritation and to weaken pH levels.

There are many more ingredients not listed above. The problem is that there are many ingredients mixed with several other ingredients that are also mixed with several other ingredients all containing harsh chemicals.


7 Top rated & popular products:

fdswash I
FDS Intimate Wash

1. FDS Intimate Wash

FDS slogan presents, “start every morning feeling fresh or go to sleep feeling relaxed knowing you are clean as can be”.  They are one of the “oldest and widest” hygiene brand costing around $4. They have been around for 50 years. FDS works with a woman’s natural chemistry and removes odor in order to give an overall clean feeling as explained on their website.

FDS also carries a feminine deodorant spray that is supposedly safe enough to use on sensitive areas.  It is said to have an ability to deodorize the vagina by using moisturizing & activated ingredients. This spray leaves you feeling dry and irritated.  Its scent is strong and it contains a significant amount of perfume or fragrance. 

fds spray
FDS Intimate Deodorant Spray


After using FDS intimate wash, you’ll find that your moisture is drawn away. Although it is well scented, it administers a smell of perfumed flowers still the after feeling isn’t too pleasant. FDS contains the following harmful ingredients: Sodium C14-16 Olefin Sulfonate, Fragrance, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, and Methylisothiazolinone.   


2. Summer’s Eve Feminine Wash

Summer’s Eve known signature feminine wash is a very popular hygiene product that “capitalize on the blatant and absurd underlying message that vaginas are dirty and in need of cleansing”, as stated in the Vulvar and Vaginal Care Cleaning article.

summers eve
Summer’s Eve Delicate Blossom Cleansing Wash
summers eve I
Summer’s Eve Simply Sensitive Cleansing Wash

Summer’s Eve feminine wash has 5 benefits for maintaining a healthy pH.

Those 5 Benefits are:

  1. gently cleanses & refreshes.
  2. removes odor that causes bacteria.  
  3. maintains a natural pH balance.
  4. rinses away all residue.
  5. contains fragrances that are light & safe to use.  

A couple of eye-catchers listed on their website is that this product doesn’t contain soap, alcohol, or any other ingredient that causes irritations. But, this product does contain fragrance right along with more damaging ingredients such as ammonium laureth sulfate, Disodium EDTA, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, and Methylisothiazolinone.

Summer’s Eve cost between $3-$4 and has several different kinds of washes.  They only differ by their scent which is described to be “light enough to use on sensitive skin”.

summers eve coconut
Summer’s Eve Coconut Water Gentle Foaming Wash

Summer’s Eve has a new foaming wash that includes coconut water.  It lists for $7. It does the usual, it helps maintain a healthy pH and it claims to be free of harsh chemicals and parabens.  It contains botanical extracts that are good for maintaining a healthy pH balance. It does great on odor yet after using the product you will begin to feel some drying and slight irritation on the skin. Two of the ingredients linked to skin irritation is Disodium EDTA and fragrance.


3. Vagisil Odor Block Feminine Wash

Vagisil odor block wash is quoted as having an “all day” protection from odor.  It is said to be “gentle on the skin, tough on odor”, pertaining to their website.

vagisilVagisil pH Balance Wash has a light & pleasant scent and is gentle enough to use on the skin. It leaves you feeling soft and smooth and it cleanses well without giving you a feeling of dryness.  Vagisil is one of the best “chemical”-feminine wash pricing at $5. It contains good ingredients like lactobiotic, chamomile, and aloe for comfort which may be the reason the skin feels soft after use.

Only with long-term use will your body begin to feel the effects of the other listed ingredients. The harmful ingredients that are in Vagisil are sodium laureth sulfate, DMDM hydantoin, and fragrance.


4. Luvena Therapeutic Wash

Luvena PreBiotic Daily Therapeutic Wash

Luvena Therapeutic Wash underlines how their product doesn’t contain any parabens or glycerin. There aren’t any known harsh ingredients listed.  It washes gently, clears odors, and leaves you feeling fresh. This wash feels very delicate and smooth and it leaves your vagina to feel the same as it contains bio-active enzymes used for hydrating & protecting the skin plus gives a natural healthy pH balance.

It isn’t scented well but after feeling and seeing what it does for your body, bringing out its natural scent & protecting the skin, you would then overlook this part. It actually works with your body’s natural scent and moisture and improves its natural state. 

Overall, Luvena Therapeutic Wash is an awesome and trusted wash that is proven to leave you feeling refreshed, soft, comfortable, delicate, clean, and scented well but naturally. The wash is hard to find, not every store carries it.  It cost up to $10 and is worth searching for online if it isn’t available near you.

5. Sweet Spot Coconut Lime Feminine Wash  

Sweet Spot Coconut Lime gentle feminine wash would be your all-time favorite. Sweet Spot’s slogan give incites on what their products offer.  According to their site, their products are “made by woman, for women. Naturally.” Sweet Spot brought in a new way to manage feminine hygiene.

sweet spot coconut
SweetSpot Coconut Lime Gentle Wash

It doesn’t contain any harsh ingredients such as: glycerin, sulfates, parabens, phthalates, gluten, or soy & dairy products. The main ingredients contain natural sources from coconut notes, apricot kernel & sunflower with panthenol, and other coconut cleansers.  These ingredients are used to soften hair and skin. It’s awesome and works well as a feminine moisturizer.

The Feminine wash costs about $12 in the store. It is unscented and doesn’t contain any fragrance.  This product is safe to use. It has the same impression as coconut oil. It’s leaves you feeling perfectly soft and delicate.  The scent is very light and delicate as well as it leaves your body to feel and smell fantastic. It lasts throughout the day. Confidence is highly given when using this product.  

SweetSpot is the best one so far

No harsh ingredients found.





The benefits of Coconut Oil  coconut oil

Coconut or Extra Virgin Coconut oil is a well-known product used for moisturizing the skin and hair.  It is used to remove mascara and eyeshadow without harming the eye. It smells slightly sweet and leaves your skin to feel well moisturized and soft.  Sweet Pea’s feminine wash has very similar aspects. Sweet Pea wash is totally safe. It doesn’t cause any irritations, soreness, odor, bacteria, or yeast infections.  

6. RepHresh Hygiene Products

RepHresh Soothing Feminine Wash

RepHresh Soothing Wash for relief and comfort is said to soothe for 24-hours. It “eliminates odors for up to 3 days.” and is “clinically shown to maintain a  healthy vagina pH” as seen on their website. The site also informs how the product’s scent is light but when using the product you will notice the scent of “flowers & perfume”.

Even though this product contains probiotic cranberry complex, which could be comforting on the skin, it also contains ingredients that are harmful to the skin as well. Those ingredients are sodium laureth sulfate and fragrance.

rephresh wash
RepHresh Soothing Wash

RepHresh Odor Eliminating Gel

RepHresh Odor eliminating gel is initially used for refreshing the vagina after a period, before/after sex, or after douching.  The main idea is to build and maintain an overall healthy pH balance, reduce odors, and to relieve discomfort by adding moisture.  It is a form that aids the body in strengthening its own natural scent and moisture in case of any disturbances. The gel has benefits that have proven to manage feminine odor and moisture.  

rephresh gel
RepHresh Gel


To use, it is inserted in the vagina. It is clear and feels silky. It does not have a scent of any kind.  It is favored for resolving leftover odors from after having sex and menstruation. It leaves the vagina clear of any odor and feeling refreshed. It lasts for about 4 days and the vagina then continues to live in its natural state thereafter. The vagina will feel fresh, soft, moisturized, clean, and healthy as the site express, “put a period after your period”, meaning any “symptoms” will surely end after using the product.

It is expensive! Some areas have the eliminating gel on sale for $25 and it’s not available at many locations. You could find and order this product online if you have issues locating it in your area.

Although the gel is very likable, it does contain harmful ingredients. Ingredients such as: ethylparaben sodium, methylparaben sodium, and propylparaben sodium.


7. Alternatives (Make your own wash)

Emily Butler, author of RepHresh Vaginal Gel Reviews states, RepHresh gel gave her a really bad yeast infection. “I had yeast infection symptoms right after taking repHresh that lasted for three days (burning, itching and swelling)”, discovered by her boyfriend in the act of initiating sex.  

Some women are more sensitive than others. There are women who don’t experience any symptoms at all using this product.  And there are many women who love the product and its odor resolving and moisturizing abilities. This goes for the rest of popular products.  Some women love them and some don’t.

If you have a hard time finding the right product for you or if your body feels uncomfortable using over-the-counter hygiene products then you could create your own.

For example, you can try mixing your most favorite & likable ingredients (oils/essential oils) in a container and use daily as an overall hygiene wash. It’s safe and will give you a better feeling than the OTC ones. 

Hygiene wash formula I:

1 cup of distilled water, ½ TBSP of aloe vera

½ TBSP of witch hazel

1 TBSP of unscented liquid soap (optional)

1 Vitamin E capsule

½ TBSP of sweet almond oil

Hygiene wash formula II:

Mix an even amount of olive oil and coconut oil and add a small amount of distilled water. You could also add aloe vera if you want.  Shake very well before each use.

Listen to your body

Choose a wash that has the least amount of harsh ingredients. Washes that are scented are proven to irritate the skin and will cause irritation and burning.  It could even cause a yeast infection. For best and safe measures, use a wash that is unscented and contains good ingredients and less harsh ingredients. Pay attention to your body’s reactions to certain washes and ingredients.  

According to Thrush Crusader article, “Overcleaning your lady parts with scented soaps and normal body washes are often too harsh for the sensitive skin “down there”. Standard soaps will remove any natural moisture that your vagina uses to balance your pH levels.”  After using products that contain the higher amounts of skin irritant ingredients you will begin to notice that your body (vagina) is easily irritated and no longer feel normal.



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