How early in age is your body prepared to orgasm?

How early in age is your body prepared to orgasm?

How old were you when you’ve first experienced an orgasm? 

I was about 6 or 7 years of age.  At this age, Not all but most children are curious about their body parts. Some children are just curious for no reason.  Some children have accidentally “walked in” on their parents having sex, which could bring curiosity. Some children have spotted a sex scene while watching a movie that could bring curiosity. It is bound to happen anyhow in any growing baby, toddler, young child, teen, and adult.

I began masturbating around 6 or 7.  Images of sex have constantly run across my mind throughout those “little” days.  These images either came from sex scenes in movies or from having caught my mom and dad in the act. I just know the very first time I masturbated, I had no idea what I was doing or what I was reaching for. I had no idea that an orgasm existed and it is to be achieved during sex. I really wasn’t sure what sex was or how to do it.  But, an orgasm happened. And ever since this day, I masturbated all the time (weekly), as a young child and then again as a teen.

I have multiples. I’ve been experiencing multiple orgasms since a young child as well. They grew stronger and more in quantity as I got older, by late teens.  I believe that I am able to achieve multiple orgasms because I started having them at an early age. But, I’ve learned how to have them I should say, at an early age.  I actually know where to set my mind in order to reach one. And then again, for another.  I’m able to tell myself when I want to cum over and over by controlling my mind, reaching as many as the heart can handle.


Jsoul Morgan


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