How would you describe a female orgasm to a man?

JSoul Morgan

July 31, 2018

How would you describe a female orgasm to a man?


Most women would say that having an orgasm is an intense feeling they feel all over their body.

I believe a woman’s body does get weak but the intense feeling is strictly felt in the “pearl tongue” (clitoris) and inside the vagina, somewhere surrounding the g-spot.

Has a man ever felt any type of contractions before? A migraine? It’s hard to find things to relate orgasms with.

Have you ever felt a muscle contraction machine before? The build-up of an orgasm is something like it. It’s a very sensitive & light feeling but so pleasurable. As an orgasm builds, the vagina begins to contract slowly and lightly. The more repetitive the penetration is, the stronger the contractions are. Once a woman explodes/cums, she feels those very strong and pleasurable contractions repeatedly, back to back, and non-stop until it ends. The contractions are 1 sec apart or less. But the feeling is so strong and desirable.

Migraines may be a bad example because they’re painful. Have you ever had a migraine so bad that you felt your head throbbing? Imagine if migraines weren’t painful at all but you could tell that you were having one because you felt those throbs. An orgasm is very similar except for the feeling it brings, nothing can compare. During an orgasm, the clitoris and g-spot are constantly throbbing during this pleasurable feeling.

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Depression Mistaken

Jsoul Morgan

July 23, 2018

Depression Mistaken

I remember when I use to brag about depression as in describing who I am.  This was my resort of “explanation” each time I felt bad or when shit was out of my control or reach.

I used to use depression as an excuse for why I felt sorry for myself.  I used it to prove that I didn’t have any self-esteem nor self-confidence.

It was an excuse to not move.  I didn’t want to go anywhere. I didn’t want to get out and enjoy life with friends. I didn’t want to make any goals for my future. I didn’t want anything negative in my life but I also didn’t want anything positive as well.

I got real familiar with the walls in my home. I’ve distanced myself from family & friends and as soon as this happened I lost all communication overall.  I forgot how to laugh.  Communicating with others was short & uninteresting.

I became unaware of my surroundings, worse of all, I became unaware of myself. I stopped learning.  I had no reason to.  I stopped myself from growing.

Self-hate is misery.


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Jealous of Love: Scenes of love envy & how to overcome it.

July 15, 2018

Jsoul Morgan


Jealous of Love: Scenes of love envy & how to overcome it.

When one is jealous of another, it usually means that this person has feelings of anger and envy because he/she want what the other person has. Jealousy is defined as “a feeling of resentment that another has gained something that one more rightfully deserves”, found on, in its “What is Jealousy” article. Jealousy also refers to negative feelings and anger caused by fear of losing someone or something to a rival. On other hands, there is a group of individuals who carry these feelings but the reason comes from internal pain.  These individuals, who feel “alone against smiling enemies”, envy because of the Love and Attention the “enemy” receives from family, friends, co-workers, followers, fans, their child, or any other relationship.  

A person is jealous of another for the reason they long to have what another individual has.  By watching how happy this person is to have these things, which is so appealing to the envy. The envy sees and assumes that the enemy is very happy, loved, blessed, and lucky to have these things.  They assume that their “enemy” is “perfect” and it would be impossible to go after the same things or either there isn’t enough to go around. For a person to be jealous of someone who receives love and attention shows something has been missing from this person internally.  Something that should have been found and accepted very early in life.  Love.

A “smiling enemy” could be anyone.  The envy doesn’t have to have any kind of relationship with this individual.  It is a fact of watching the “enemy” and coming up with different illusions and assumptions about how this person may be feeling highly loved, favored, and accepted.  And these usually are emotions that come from a broken individual. Broken, not from past “dating” kind of relationships but from relationships with whom you’d think is honest, trustworthy, and caring.  Someone who is warm and gives love and affection unconditionally. Someone who is positive, unselfish, and shows empathy. The envy has missed out on all meanings of real love that should have come from mommy and daddy. 

Envy or jealousy feels horrible.  It makes you feel lonely and left-out. It is a feeling of hate and resentment. It feels like not having any hope and not having a reason to try.  It drains you and un-motivates you to not achieve personal goals. Envy lessens your self-esteem & self-confidence. It projects a poor and negative future in relationships within family, friends, co-workers, and associates.  It basically destroys the makeup of your livelihood. It sucks because all of these horrible feelings are held within the envy when no one has actually physically harmed or attacked this individual for any reason. Many times, the “enemy” doesn’t know that someone envies them. Maybe they’re too happy to notice the sadness.  6


What could an individual do to resolve these feelings?

Talk about it!  

One solution is to discuss these feelings with another trusted individual. Someone who is well known or acquainted, like a sister/brother, cousin, aunt, or grandparent.  Take into consideration of those who are willing to help.  To receive info from trusted and known individuals could help ease these feelings. The envy could even learn new things about themselves that they could begin to love. Hearing about other’s experiences, especially if they’re similar, is also helpful.  This shows that the envy, in fact, isn’t alone.

The next solution is to work on improving self-confidence and self-esteem. Learn about self. Write down things of interests, desires, and needs. Focus on just those and make a plan. Write down the steps it will take to reach these desires or goals.  Make a daily To-Do list and focus on each goal, one-by-one.

Next solution, Get out! Check Eventbrite or Facebook’s event section and find local happenings like networking events, parties, shows, classes, etc. Get involved with self by including the world, surrounding self with like-minded people, that have similar goals and talents.  It is best to attend events or gatherings that bring meaning to one’s goal(s).

The last solution is to ask for help from a therapist, mentor, manager, professor, or any other superior trustworthy individual. Help is also found in groups and forums listed on Facebook, MeetUp, or other social sites for free. A mentor may charge a fee but it wouldn’t hurt to utilize him/her if it should motivate an individual to work on improving their well-being.  There are active groups present today including members who have a drive and passion to help others succeed in life. There are so many coaches who are hunting down individuals who are seeking guidance in life overall. We all should take advantage of this. We all need advice at times.

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Tangles of my soul

Don’t let them bribe you….

Who Are Your Parents?

It’s Time

It’s time..

I want you to stop and think about your needs. What do you desire? What is your passion?  Think about what it would take to reach those needs and desires. Think of every step and every moment that would cause you to smile.  

What is it that you want? What do you want to do?

I wish to be a business owner, manager, and guru. I’ve always wanted my own shit and to be out of the way. I could care less about who doesn’t want to be around me. I also want a garden and my own silent room.  I’m happy with the smallest things.

When you have stated your desires, write them down. Gain patience and then go after each goal, one-by-one. The task is to analyze each goal, writing a plan for each one. Use the internet/google to research each goal. Research the in’s and out’s, con’s and pro’s, the benefits, the horror’s if any, and the if’s, and’s, & but’s.  You also need to write down your responsibilities required in order to make it in the role as well as to maintain the position once your in it.

Write every thing down! Find as much information as you can by reading forums and blogs from others who are currently in the position. Youtube is also a great source along with podcasts. Attend local networking events (check, eventbrite). There are many people out there who are eager to help others reach success.


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Tangles of my soul

Don’t let them bribe you….



Jsoul Morgan



Your needs. They don’t compare to my reasonings. They don’t give me any meaning to give. It’s what weakens my character, forgetting the importance of merit retrieval.

Your needs don’t relate to my values nevertheless doesn’t compare to what was dreamt before.

Your needs describe the incapabilities of you furthering any demands within us because they’re weak and easily accepted yet easily given.

It’s what settles you into main structures, repeating sights and happenings. You don’t move forward but then constantly battles with your “ticket” from misunderstanding.

Mentally blocked from real needs which makes me unavailable to you.


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Jsoul Morgan

How early in age is your body prepared to orgasm?

How early in age is your body prepared to orgasm?

How old were you when you’ve first experienced an orgasm? 

I was about 6 or 7 years of age.  At this age, Not all but most children are curious about their body parts. Some children are just curious for no reason.  Some children have accidentally “walked in” on their parents having sex, which could bring curiosity. Some children have spotted a sex scene while watching a movie that could bring curiosity. It is bound to happen anyhow in any growing baby, toddler, young child, teen, and adult.

I began masturbating around 6 or 7.  Images of sex have constantly run across my mind throughout those “little” days.  These images either came from sex scenes in movies or from having caught my mom and dad in the act. I just know the very first time I masturbated, I had no idea what I was doing or what I was reaching for. I had no idea that an orgasm existed and it is to be achieved during sex. I really wasn’t sure what sex was or how to do it.  But, an orgasm happened. And ever since this day, I masturbated all the time (weekly), as a young child and then again as a teen.

I have multiples. I’ve been experiencing multiple orgasms since a young child as well. They grew stronger and more in quantity as I got older, by late teens.  I believe that I am able to achieve multiple orgasms because I started having them at an early age. But, I’ve learned how to have them I should say, at an early age.  I actually know where to set my mind in order to reach one. And then again, for another.  I’m able to tell myself when I want to cum over and over by controlling my mind, reaching as many as the heart can handle.


Jsoul Morgan


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Don’t let them bribe you….

Don’t let them bribe you out of character. Pain is normal but to be embedded in it, is when hurt matters.

I’m an Artist!


Introducing Kari Rain, a beautiful and talented artist. She loves to make slime in so many different ways. She draws and paints.  Sings and dances. Records video’s using Apps such as LiveMe & Musically.

She is very creative at what she does and holds so many cute ideas for an 8-year-old.


Check out her latest drawings of one of her favorite pop artists, Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson by Kari Rain
Michael Jackson by Kari Rain