Accused by Double Standards

It’s crazy. The things you accuse me of doing that I wish no part of doing, I am now doing. It took for you to push me towards this character.  And we both know that it lies within me. Stored away where it should have been kept.  To allow me to work on bettering me,… Continue Reading

I HAD a Weakness for Black B’s

It all started once we moved away from Whites and Hispanics into the Black side of town. Then, I would finally begin to get noticed.  At first, being “bony” described me and having big lips gave them the best humor. But then, that’s it. Later, everyone turns sexual and accepts big lips as a rewarding… Continue Reading

Fuck Fantasies

I would like to share with you. Reading past writings, I have discovered more goods about myself…… Only while away from….. Thee….. I have a fantasy not holding any goal, belief, or value.  Why can’t this be as important as bringing fantasies to life?  I am a woman who accepted you. I have guided you… Continue Reading

Alone at First Sight

There was a young child, maybe age 5 or 6.  She was interested in her mom teaching her how to read. One day, she grabbed a child’s book from her room and took it to her mom while she was resting with a companion.  She then layed next to her mom and opened the book.  She… Continue Reading