Fuck Fantasies

I would like to share with you. Reading past writings, I have discovered more goods about myself…… Only while away from….. Thee….. I have a fantasy not holding any goal, belief, or value.  Why can’t this be as important as bringing fantasies to life?  I am a woman who accepted you. I have guided you… Continue Reading

Alone at First Sight

There was a young child, maybe age 5 or 6.  She was interested in her mom teaching her how to read. One day, she grabbed a child’s book from her room and took it to her mom while she was resting with a companion.  She then layed next to her mom and opened the book.  She… Continue Reading

Work Husband

You got to be effin’ kiddin’ me. Who the hell wants a work husband? Or, Why would you even need one? I felt highly offended the time a married guy asked me to be his Work Wife. I’m married as well (at the time). We both belong to someone. So I asked, what the hell… Continue Reading