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Depression Mistaken

Jsoul Morgan July 23, 2018 Depression Mistaken I remember when I use to brag about depression as in describing who I am.  This was my resort of “explanation” each time I felt bad or when shit was out of my control or reach. I used to use depression as an excuse for why I felt

Jealous of Love: Scenes of love envy & how to overcome it.

July 15, 2018 Jsoul Morgan Jealous of Love: Scenes of love envy & how to overcome it. When one is jealous of another, it usually means that this person has feelings of anger and envy because he/she want what the other person has. Jealousy is defined as “a feeling of resentment that another has gained

Who Are Your Parents?

Jsoul Morgan Who Are Your Parents? What does it mean for a man to avoid spending time with his mother? What does it mean when a woman has arguments after being around her mother for a short period of time? What does it mean for a man to leave his home once his mother arrives

To Celebrate or Not

Once a year you have a day to feel deserving of love & happiness for a whole day. When it’s your birthday it’s normal to feel important. It’s normal to expect praise and loving attention because it is your day. It’s normal to smile and show happiness. It’s normal to plan ahead. It’s normal to

Creating a Monster

You fabricate and exaggerate stories filled with lust, passion, and hope.  Producing yearns for love, empathy, sensitivity, and comfort. But there is a missing point.  A missing reality. A hidden statement that declares make-believe.  Dreams that will never become real. Because, it is learned to yearn. To yearn for those required feelings that has never

How to tell if an introvert loves you.

  What is an Introvert? Introvert and shyness both have two different meanings. Introverts are energized by spending time alone.  These are your homebodies, library geeks, the lonely walks in the park or any other secluded place.  Not all introverts are shy.  There are many introverts who have awesome social lives and love being around


You have the wrong idea. Those people are not just taunting because of hate. That person doesn’t speak behind your back because they’re fake. Your friends aren’t supporting you because they don’t want to see you move up or succeed.  You’re not being criticized to be stopped. You’re not being put last because they don’t

This Christmas

After totaling the reasons for my presence. Seeing how it makes you feel to have one attend your covered favors.  Favors that replace blessings. Blocking spirit & meaning and inflicting poor fortune. I no longer have a desire to combine with denial. I have an option to lead endemic preparing rightfulness and certainty.

The Missing Piece

It may be hard to understand but it’s one of the most valuable and most honorable things to feel.  I woke up crying this morning for maybe the 1000th time.  Wondering why I could never feel it.  Knowing whatever the reason is, is the reason why I’ve had troubles giving it.  I wasn’t taught what