It’s Time

It’s time..

I want you to stop and think about your needs. What do you desire? What is your passion?  Think about what it would take to reach those needs and desires. Think of every step and every moment that would cause you to smile.  

What is it that you want? What do you want to do?

I wish to be a business owner, manager, and guru. I’ve always wanted my own shit and to be out of the way. I could care less about who doesn’t want to be around me. I also want a garden and my own silent room.  I’m happy with the smallest things.

When you have stated your desires, write them down. Gain patience and then go after each goal, one-by-one. The task is to analyze each goal, writing a plan for each one. Use the internet/google to research each goal. Research the in’s and out’s, con’s and pro’s, the benefits, the horror’s if any, and the if’s, and’s, & but’s.  You also need to write down your responsibilities required in order to make it in the role as well as to maintain the position once your in it.

Write every thing down! Find as much information as you can by reading forums and blogs from others who are currently in the position. Youtube is also a great source along with podcasts. Attend local networking events (check, eventbrite). There are many people out there who are eager to help others reach success.


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Tangles of my soul

Don’t let them bribe you….



Jsoul Morgan




Your needs. They don’t compare to my reasonings. They don’t give me any meaning to give. It’s what weakens my character, forgetting the importance of merit retrieval.

Your needs don’t relate to my values nevertheless doesn’t compare to what was dreamt before.

Your needs describe the incapabilities of you furthering any demands within us because they’re weak and easily accepted yet easily given.

It’s what settles you into main structures, repeating sights and happenings. You don’t move forward but then constantly battles with your “ticket” from misunderstanding.

Mentally blocked from real needs which makes me unavailable to you.


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Jsoul Morgan

Jsoul’s Lips – Show Out (quote)

The problem is, we look into others and view their talents, admire who they are, and we then try to pursue what we think look good on those individuals.

The solution would be to look into ourselves and to go after our own desires and then embrace our own talents.

Show out!

JSoul’s Lips – Tangles of my soul

When was the last time someone ran their fingers through the tangles of your soul and massaged your feelings, motivating you to make plans with your inner intentions and preparing you to live in accordance to your own values?






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Double Standards

It’s crazy. The things you accuse me of doing that I wish no part of doing, I am now doing.

It took for you to push me towards this character.  And we both know that it lies within me.

Stored away where it should have been kept.  To allow me to work on bettering me, for you.

You show me you don’t value me, my words, my feelings, my taste, style, look, or voice so I look into others for acceptance. 

It’s not about sex that would make me feel like a woman for you And it’s not about sex that should make me feel like I’m doing my part.

But, the fact that I spend the time to learn and figure out your true desires.  

To assist unconfuse you and to assist bring you to your own reality so that you can live out your dreams.

But the focus, the focus is directly on belittling me instead.