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It’s Time

It’s time.. I want you to stop and think about your needs. What do you desire? What is your passion?  Think about what it would take to reach those needs and desires. Think of every step and every moment that would cause you to smile.   What is it that you want? What do you


Unavailable  Your needs. They don’t compare to my reasonings. They don’t give me any meaning to give. It’s what weakens my character, forgetting the importance of merit retrieval. Your needs don’t relate to my values nevertheless doesn’t compare to what was dreamt before. Your needs describe the incapabilities of you furthering any demands within us

Jsoul’s Lips – Show Out (quote)

The problem is, we look into others and view their talents, admire who they are, and we then try to pursue what we think look good on those individuals. The solution would be to look into ourselves and to go after our own desires and then embrace our own talents. Show out!

JSoul’s Lips – Why choose misery?

Why choose the life of misery for a feeling of temporary comfort when you can be committed to your own and give meaning to life in ALL directions with just your qualities? Don’t let them go to waste.

JSoul’s Lips – Tangles of my soul

When was the last time someone ran their fingers through the tangles of your soul and massaged your feelings, motivating you to make plans with your inner intentions and preparing you to live in accordance to your own values?   When?   Never……   Click Here to view more of Jsoul’s lips.   Be sure


Some People do nice things for you and just enough to keep you around, gaining entitlement to your actions being that you’re always available to save them.

Double Standards

It’s crazy. The things you accuse me of doing that I wish no part of doing, I am now doing. It took for you to push me towards this character.  And we both know that it lies within me. Stored away where it should have been kept.  To allow me to work on bettering me,

I HAD a Weakness

I HAD a Weakness It all started once we moved away from Whites and Hispanics into the Black side of town. Then, I would finally begin to get noticed.  At first, being “bony” described me and having big lips gave them the best humor. Later, everyone turns sexual and accepts big lips as a rewarding

You never paid attention.

You never paid attention You don’t know her challenges They have let her down She has no one to admire No one finds interest in her desires   But she tries She creates her own paths While moving in weird directions She finds interest And she believed in herself to follow Slowly succeeding Everyone observes