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H-Pylori Facts: What Does This Bacteria Cause?

H-pylori is one of the biggest and most disturbing stomach illnesses that is living inside of half of the population today. Some people came in contact with the bacteria as a young child and have never noticed it living in their bodies until they’ve become sick in their adult years. The symptoms that are associated

Depression Mistaken

Jsoul Morgan July 23, 2018 Depression Mistaken I remember when I use to brag about depression as in describing who I am.  This was my resort of “explanation” each time I felt bad or when shit was out of my control or reach. I used to use depression as an excuse for why I felt


Unavailable  Your needs. They don’t compare to my reasonings. They don’t give me any meaning to give. It’s what weakens my character, forgetting the importance of merit retrieval. Your needs don’t relate to my values nevertheless doesn’t compare to what was dreamt before. Your needs describe the incapabilities of you furthering any demands within us


There was a young child, maybe age 5 or 6.  She was interested in her mom teaching her how to read. One day, she grabbed a child’s book from her room and took it to her mom while she was resting with a companion.  She then laid next to her mom and opened the book.  She

The Missing Piece

It may be hard to understand but it’s one of the most valuable and most honorable things to feel.  I woke up crying this morning for maybe the 1000th time.  Wondering why I could never feel it.  Knowing whatever the reason is, is the reason why I’ve had troubles giving it.  I wasn’t taught what

Shout out to uplifting black men!

Shout out to uplifting black men! Who doesn’t judge us out of character.   Who actually praises and motivates.   Who shares loving words and looks past the major criticisms.   Who calls us queens and speaks with respect.   Who knows that we are all alike but have something special individually.   Who seeks

Female Squirting, is it pee?

Female Squirting, is it pee? Yes? Squirting happens when female ejaculation occurs.  When a woman ejaculates or cums her body releases a clear sometimes whitish, jelly-like, slippery fluid.  Squirting appears clear but could be clear to light yellow depending on the woman’s water intake.  If a female’s bladder is full, she’ll squirt more. A female’s urinary