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He pays attention to every sound and move her body makes. Focusing on firm movements in the core; he gets stronger. The feeling is substantial as she releases and tightens uncontrollably yet she accepts the arrival of this spasm.

What does she want?

Not to shine or be glorified. Not to be brand new or perfect. She likes the natural form.  She wants acknowledgment. She wants dedication and support. A best friend to share all possibilities with.  A partner to grow beside.  She accept flaws, it equals her beauty. But most of all… to be touched, spiritually (soul)

Taught by failures.

Taught by Failures. Fail your way to success. No matter who’s laughing, pointing fingers, or gossiping. No one knows your story. No one knows about your goals or how to attain them. You are the director. Turn your ideas, beliefs, values, hopes, and dreams into reality. By focusing on the physical doings and the results

Wait… Is it too late?

Wait….. Is it too late? I’ve come this far to let you feel this. There’s something special I want to give you. Something that is only seen through your beautiful smile. Is it too late?  I’ve been studying, watching, and listening. There’s something special I have to give you. Something that is high in value